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Certified Cleaning Co isn’t just another janitorial service. We’re a leading name in commercial cleaning, serving a diverse array of facilities like schools, healthcare offices, and businesses of every shape and size.

From tackling the unique cleaning needs of airports and schools to ensuring manufacturing facilities are spotless, our experienced team offers customized janitorial solutions that cater directly to your requirements. Whether it’s detailed office cleaning or specialized services for healthcare settings, we’re equipped to handle it all.

We’re committed to not just cleaning but enhancing the health of your workspace with eco-friendly solutions and advanced disinfection techniques. Our dedication to green practices means your space doesn’t just appear clean; it promotes a healthier, more sustainable environment for everyone involved.

Exceeding your expectations is our goal. We engage closely with you to identify and achieve your cleaning objectives, ensuring your facility remains impeccably maintained. Reach out to us today to discover how Certified Cleaning Co can transform your cleaning experience.

24/7 Availability: Always ready to assist.

Custom Plans: Tailored to fit your needs.

Professional Crew: Skilled and attentive.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Your happiness, promised.

40+ Years Expertise: Trusted industry experience.

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Service Areas

Arlington, MA
Belmont, MA
Bedford, MA
Boston, MA
Brookline, MA
Burlington, MA
Cambridge, MA
Canton, MA
Chelsea, MA
Everett, MA
Dedham, MA

Lexington, MA
Lynn, MA
Malden, MA
Milton, MA
Medford, MA
Melrose, MA
Newton, MA
Quincy, MA
Randolph, MA
Revere, MA
Saugus, MA

Somerville, MA
Stoneham, MA
Tewksbury, MA
Wakefield, MA
Waltham, MA
Watertown, MA
Weston, MA
Winchester, MA
Wilmington, MA
Winthrop, MA
Woburn, MA

Delivering Janitorial Cleaning Services with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!

Boston, MA Commercial Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Customized Cleaning Strategies for Optimal Results
Our edge lies in our commitment to creating personalized cleaning plans that resonate with your specific needs. We engage closely with each client to grasp their expectations thoroughly, ensuring comprehensive care and attention across every inch of your facility.

Elevating Your Business Image
A pristine facility not only uplifts your workspace but also significantly boosts your company’s image. Our cleaning services go the extra mile, tackling odors, stains, and dull floors to bring back the luster and ensure your premises make a memorable impression on everyone who walks through the door.

Unmatched Customer Service with Satisfaction Guarantee
At Certified Cleaning Co., client satisfaction isn’t just a goal—it’s a promise. We’re dedicated to surpassing your expectations, backed by a guarantee that your space will be impeccably clean and well-kept. Our meticulous approach to each project ensures standout results that reflect our commitment to excellence.

Janitorial Services Tailored to Today’s Needs
Acknowledging the critical importance of cleanliness and safety in today’s world, our services are designed with the utmost consideration for the health and well-being of your workforce, clientele, and students. From medical facilities to educational institutions, we provide targeted sanitation and disinfection solutions to foster a secure and welcoming environment.

Reach out for a FREE Janitorial Cleaning Estimate and let us tailor a cleaning strategy that brings out the best in your facility.

Delivering Commercial Cleaning Services with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!

Office Janitorial Cleaning Services

Elevate your office environment with Certified Cleaning Co.'s specialized office janitorial services. Our dedicated team ensures your workspace not only shines but also promotes a healthy, productive atmosphere for your employees and visitors. From daily maintenance to deep cleaning, we customize our services to meet your specific needs, using eco-friendly products and advanced techniques to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Trust Certified Cleaning Co. to keep your office immaculate, reflecting the professionalism and integrity of your business.

Healthcare Facilities Janitor Services

Ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety in your healthcare facility with Certified Cleaning Co.'s comprehensive janitorial services. Specializing in healthcare environments, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a sterile, germ-free setting for patients, visitors, and staff. Our expert team is trained in the latest sanitation and infection control protocols, employing eco-friendly solutions and state-of-the-art equipment to meet rigorous healthcare cleaning standards. Choose Certified Cleaning Co. for a trusted partner in creating a safe, welcoming space for all your healthcare needs.

Government Buildings

Maintain the dignity and cleanliness of government buildings with Certified Cleaning Co.'s expert janitorial services. Our experienced team understands the unique needs of public sector facilities, from courthouses to municipal offices, ensuring they are not just clean but also present an image of respectability and order. We employ rigorous cleaning protocols, eco-friendly products, and the latest technology to address the specific challenges of maintaining government properties. With Certified Cleaning Co., trust in a partnership that upholds the standards and security required for government buildings, ensuring a clean, safe, and respectful environment for employees and the public alike.

Automotive Dealerships

Elevate the presentation and cleanliness of your car dealership with Certified Cleaning Co.'s specialized janitorial services. Our team is adept at handling the unique demands of automotive showrooms and service areas, ensuring every surface shines and reflects the quality of your vehicles. From the showroom floor to customer waiting areas, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and meticulous attention to detail to create a welcoming, pristine environment that enhances the customer experience. Trust Certified Cleaning Co. to keep your dealership immaculate, making every visit a memorable one for your clients.

Your Space, Our Commitment – Expert Janitorial Cleaning Solutions

You deserve peace of mind knowing that the commercial cleaning services company you trust is dedicated to meticulously disinfecting and sanitizing your facilities from top to bottom. Our comprehensive sanitation and disinfection services are designed to instill confidence, ensuring you can offer your customers a secure shopping experience. Furthermore, we seamlessly integrate these essential services into our regular office cleaning routines, creating a safe and inviting workplace for your employees. Trust in our commitment to maintaining a clean, healthy environment for everyone who enters your space.

Delivering Janitorial Cleaning Services with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!

Trustworthy Janitorial Cleaning Services Near You

You deserve assurance in the cleanliness and safety of your facility, especially when selecting commercial cleaning services in Massachusetts. Our detailed approach to cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing from the ground up provides that assurance. Offering specialized sanitation and disinfection services, we ensure a secure environment for your customers and employees alike. These essential services can be integrated seamlessly into our regular office cleaning, promoting a safe and welcoming workplace atmosphere. Trust in our commitment to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and health for all spaces across Massachusetts.

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